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Déco Surfaces Laval

Déco Surfaces Laval is the culmination of 36 years of experience in floor coverings and interior decoration. Our diverse and skilled team will go to any length to meet your needs. Thanks to our partnership with the Déco Surfaces Group, the largest network of floor covering and decoration retailers in Eastern Canada, we are able to offer you a large selection of products at highly competitive prices.


Joël Gamache | Sales Advisor (jgamache@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Stéphanie Binzberger | Sales Advisor (sbinzberger@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Dahlia Daniel  |  Sales Advisor (dahlia@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Karine Lavictoire  |  Sales Advisor (maternity leave)

Valérie Gagnon |  Sales Advisor

Josée Larose | Supply (commande@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Martine Brissette  |  Controller (recevable@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Stéphan Filion |  Coordinator (sfilion@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Jean-Francois Gascon |  Estimator commercial and institutional (jfgascon@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Michel Gascon  |  Estimator on the road (mgascon@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Michel Chartier |  Estimator on the road (mgascon@decosurfaceslaval.com)

Ronald Berger  |  Warehouse manager (entrepot@decosurfaceslaval.com)

José Andrade |  Deliverer

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